Monday, June 4, 2012

Not to much to say as the semester is wrapping up (7 days left till I go to the airport).  I have mostly been hanging out with Muhammad and Ramin (Iranian masters students).  Thanks to them I have become not as horrible at backgammon.  The other night I helped set up for their friends surprise birthday party, and then the next day made burgers (mushrooms, onions, and more =) ) and homemade fries.

Other than that the only thing going on is finals (of which I studied ~20 minutes for the first and second (aka I woke up day of final, opened notes, flipped through it, and walked out door to take final) and the 3rd I studied an hour) which I finished today.  Now all I have left is packing and relaxing.

About a month or month and a half ago it became difficult not being very distracted when I walked anywhere.  This was because the strays which are everywhere on campus and in Cyprus (somehow all very healthy and friendly) had their litters.  So everywhere you walked you saw puppies and kittens of every color.  A couple days ago apparently was the 2nd round of kittens and one mother apparently liked my dorm building so every time I walk back I hear meowing and see 4-5 kittens running around.  On the note of dogs, I stopped to pet one of the them towards the beginning of the semester and since every time he sees me he runs up to me and just follows me wherever I may be going.  The other night he found he halfway through campus and followed me all the way back to the dorm and then when I walked through the door just stared at me with sad eyes until I came back out to pet him again.


  1. Cute dog. Hate seeing strays. Makes me want to take them all in!!

  2. Really hard when their kittens/puppies