Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Today I started out at 9 am, made it to Sacre Coeur and got to see the church, the crypt, and went up to the top to see the view of the city.  I saw a "statue" man who did not think he was getting enough attention so was coughing at people as they walked past.  I also saw a "iron" street sweeper as he was applying his coloring but did not get to see him after he was finished.  Since I did not have a real plan or clue on how to get anywhere, I saw some shiny roofs from the top of the hill and just headed into Paris.

I ended up at the main Opera house which had a ridiculous amount of statues and decorative carvings.  At the opera I saw a chicken-man (apparently French people like to dress up).  After I just kept walking in random directions and apparently ended up on the opposite side of the street of the Louvre except I did not know this and this was the point I stopped and turned around..... by the time I got back it was roughly a 6 hour walk.


  1. Glad to see you're taking advantage of your time there. Keep the pictures and stories coming. Great job!

  2. Ps. the coughing 'live' statue made me laugh :) Be careful around those live statues. Apparently pick pocketers wander the outside of the spectator circle taking advantage of people while they're distracted!