Monday, May 21, 2012

I managed to have the opportunity to travel to Karpas (the northern peninsula of Cyprus) with a class field trip.

Since the area is the furthest north point, it means we got to pass through most of the country.  The best part about the northern part of the island not being very developed is that the majority of the island is still in its pristine form.  The drive was beautiful and amazing. Just a couple of the photos and the rest will go on facebook.

Ash and our bus (had two for our group)

Ash, his friend from class, me and my Kosovo friend

This part of the island is still the purest part (least development, smallest villages, and northern tip is a national park) and is a protection area for the wild donkeys which almost went extinct.  The furthest point before the national park is an old monastery which was right on the sea (also large gathering spot for the donkeys).
Apostolos Andreas Monastery

We then ate lunch and spent a couple hours at the Golden Beach which is famous as one the cleanest beaches in the world.  There might have been more photos except I was teaching most of the engineering students how to play volleyball when I only know the basics.....the team that then had never played before beat everyone continuously.


  1. Awesome! Good job Nicolas! That's what I want to see! I can't believe how clear the water is in the picture with you and Ash standing on the edge! Awesome!

  2. Pictures that you are in!?!? I love this post! Looks like an awesome field trip! Do you have more pictures of the donkeys? So cool!!