Monday, May 21, 2012

So as I was walking to class I saw frames being put up and that was how I found out that the university has a annual festival.  The amount of people at the festival was astounding to me and was the most people I had yet to see in one place in Cyprus.  The festival went for 5 days, had concerts, a couple rides, a bunch of stands selling random stuff, and a bunch of different food (also first ice cream truck I have seen here).

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  1. This seems fun and totally different than regular Cyprus! How bizarre that you didn't hear about it beforehand! How was the music? What types of new food did you get to try!?!?

    PS. I can't believe your semester is almost over. Don't forget to take any pictures that you want (that you haven't had time for yet) - you'd be surprised what you'll think about or want to remember later and not have a shot of. Simple things.

    Also, I hope you've had the BEST time. World traveling to come in only a few weeks!!!!!

    And get contact info from all your friends. Then you'll have places to stay all over the world for the next trip!!!